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A student tends a flower bed at the EcoHub

Here at 香港六合彩四不像 University, we believe that everyone has the ability to?transform our world. It is essential to our sustainability work, and we want to engage with and support all our staff and students so we can act together as a community, to help tackle the climate emergency in a collaborative way.

Student members of the eco hub pose for a photo with plants they are about to plant.

Green 香港六合彩四不像

Green 香港六合彩四不像 is a collaborative initiative run by 香港六合彩四不像 University and 香港六合彩四不像 University Students’ Union to grow sustainable ideas across the whole university community.

Both staff members and students can get involved in any of their projects – from growing vegetables and looking after chickens at the ECOHub allotment on campus, to planting trees and wildflowers to encourage biodiversity in the local area.

Green 香港六合彩四不像

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